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General: $450 per hour, billed in fifteen minute increments.

Court: $550 per hour, billed in fifteen minute increments.

Travel: The general rate ($450 per hour) for all travel times under three hours. Travel over three hours is billed as a half-day. For clarification, a day is eight hours $450 x 8 = $3600; of $3600 is $1800.

Travel Expenses: All transportation, lodging, food, and gas plus an additional miscellaneous per diem of $60 per day.

Retainer: $1000 retainer payable before work starts. All general and court rates will be deducted from the retainer before any additional monies are owed. In the event the consultant is not required to perform work at billable hours totaling $450, the consultant will return the retainer. The other half is non refundable.

Payment Terms: All billable hours are due within thirty days of consultant sending an invoice. Please note invoices are sent monthly.

Reimbursement Terms: All reimbursable items to be paid within thirty days of consultant sending a reimbursement request and copies of all receipts for reimbursable items.

Miscellaneous Explanations

General: This is the rate billed for all deposition reviews, phone conversations, and e-mails. It is also the rate billed for meetings on any matter pertaining to the case, in any location. The general rate is also charged for depositions, provided the depositions are not scheduled in court.

Court: Any appearance consultant needs to make in court will be billed at the court rate.

Travel combined with work: In the event the consultant is required to work before/after traveling to a destination on the same day as the travel, the general billing rate will be applied for all work performed before/after travel on that same day, unless such work requires appearing in court, in which case the court rate will apply.

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